BAD AS launches new album fundraising campaign

BAD AS new album fundraising campaign

After the release of "More Pain More Gain" album, which was formerly released under the band name BADASS, the band, now called BAD AS (sorry for the confusion!) is now working on a new album.

Mattia Martin is now the new singer (just 22 years old with a powerful and melodic voice!) and Marino De Bortoli the new drummer and they are ready to kick ass!

The band is looking for supporters for the production (recordings, mix, mastering, artwork etc.) of the new album and has launched a fundraising campaign with exclusive pledges. The new album will be released possibly by the end of this year or early 2019.

You can support the band purchasing the following pledges through PayPal:

1) new album in digipack CD + mention in the thank list section of booklet + digital copy of first album "More Gain, More Pain" - 40 euro

2) new album in digipack CD + digital copy of first album "More Gain, More Pain" - 25 euro

3) new album in digital + digital copy of first album "More Pain, More Gain" - 15 euro

To support the band with a pledge click here.


1) Supporters will receive the new album (digital or CD) one month before the release.

2) Pledges 1 and 2 includes shipping costs

3) Even if we don't reach the goal we release the album anyway (even if we have to sell our instruments!!!!)

4) for any information contact

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